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  1. The Onion has been host to a large variety of underground music, mostly local, but number of Japanese bands have also played there. In the late s Davie Allan (legendary surf guitarist who, with The Arrows, recorded soundtrack music for teenploitation flick Wild in the Streets, among others) returned from retirement there.
  2. Sep 08,  · Pollo Del Mar: The Cruel Sea (Live in Japan Town/Pop) The Cynics: Turn Me Loose (7″/Get Hip) King Louie One Man Band: Headin’ for the Big City Lights (Jesus Loves My One Band/Extra Ball) Bad Times: The Jim Miller Bounce (Bad Times/Goner) The Coffin Daggers: Avenue X .
  3. Jun 29,  · Pollo Del Mar's all instrumental set consists of original songs, with the occasional vintage surf tune, or interpretations of compositions by Edvard Grieg, Frank Zappa, Henry Mancini, and The Dead.
  4. Pollo Del Mar ~ Insecticide ~ EP ~ 28 ~ 52 Pollo Del Mar ~ Live In Japan Town ~ CD ~ 57 ~ 47 Pollo Del Mar ~ The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea ~ CD ~ 47 ~ 47 Pollo Del Mar ~ The Golden State ~ CD ~ 66 ~ 44 Pollo Del Mar ~ The Ocean Is Not For Cowards ~ CD ~ 40 ~ 50 Pollo Del Mar ~ Year Of The Rooster ~ CD ~ 71 ~ 51 Popdefect ~ House Of Rock ~
  5. Pollo Del Mar - Insecticide - Live in Japan Town Pyronauts - Sleepwalk - Surf or Die Pollo Del Mar - A Flash of Green - Live in Japan Town Slacktone - Rosarita 3 Day - Live at the CIA Thanks to all the surf bands, past and present. And .
  6. POLLO DEL MAR Demo [Cassette] **** POLLO DEL MAR The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea [CD] **** POLLO DEL MAR THE REEF RAMMER SURF BAND Live at L.A. Wood [CD-R Live] **** THE REEF RAMMERS Live at L.A. Wood [CD-R Live] **** The Rough Guide To The Music Of Japan [CD] **** The Rough Guide To The Music Of Okinawa [CD] ****.
  7. Jan 07,  · I'll give you 5 bands and suggest at least one album from each-The Ventures- Walk, Don't Run (classic, must own!), Live in Japan '65, and The Fabulous Ventures. Oh, and Ventures A Go-Go. Laika & the Cosmonauts- Amazing Colossal Band, and Local Warming. Cosmopolis is a great "best of", and an awesome introduction. Daikaiju- Daikaiju.

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